invites53165d812935d.jpgPocketfold invitations are invitations that can either be baby shower invitations, Party invitations, wedding invitations, or invitations for any occasion that get folded into themselves. They have multiple pockets or single pockets for invitation ensemble cards. Pocket fold invitations are organized, elegant, and elaborate style of invitations. Maximum pocket fold invitations will get folded into envelope for keeping all things together. It saves your time in assembling and also assures that your presentation is clean as well as beautiful. Just like other kinds of invitations, printing, colours, and paper for making pocket fold invitations can also vary. Several variations of these invitations are there ranging from simple fold having single pocket or having more elaborate folding with multiple pockets.


Usually when we open traditional wedding invitations all inserts like direction card, response card, etc. fall out. In such cases, inserts can get misplaced easily if they are loosely inserted in invitation envelope. To solve this mishandling, pocketfold invitations have been designed wherein all the inserts will be neatly tucked inside the pocket of the wedding invitation. Different types of pocket fold invitations are available in both online as well as offline stores for customers to select from. There are some that will have just one pocket while there are some that can have more than one pocket. Moreover, based on your needs and requirements, you can design customized party invitations as well. In some types of invitations you will find that they are made to open horizontally or vertically.

Customized invitations are available in various shapes and styles. There are several pocket fold invitations that come in varying colours wherein you can get your names or monograms printed on them. While searching for a company that offers pocket fold invitation cards, make sure that they are flexible as well as design products of their own so that one can easily customize their wedding invitations as per their needs. Suppose you are getting married locally, the wedding invitation of yours will have map for the guest, response envelope, and response card. For inserting all these cards, your pocket fold invitation should have a minimum of three pockets.   Here are different types of pocketfold invitations that one can select from:  

    • Portable pockets- portable pocket means single pocket created so that customers can print as well as insert their main invitation text into that pocket in addition to other inserts that they may require. It is one of the simplest designs available for pocket fold part invitations. The primary advantage of this invitation style is that it is light in weight as well as requires less postage cost.



    • Bi-fold Pocket fold invitations- Bi-fold pocket fold invitation will have one fold opening into 2 panels. You can operate it either vertically or horizontally. Pocket is available on left panel and main invitation wordings can be written on the right panel. In case you select invitation style opening vertically then invitation wordings should be printed on the top panel. The pocket can be designed on bottom panel. These kinds of invitations are somewhat cheap but are not much readily available in market.



    • Tri-fold pocket fold invitations- There are two folds in Tri-fold pocket fold invitations and three panels will be revealed on opening. In the centre panel, you can write the invitation text. If you are planning for vertical style opening, the pocket should be designed in bottom panel whereas the top panel should be kept blank. On the other hand, if you are planning for horizontal opening of the card, centre panel will be the area for writing invitation working and you can have different options for right and left panel based on your requirement. It is actually the place where one can create and customize their own wedding invitation uniquely but only when the manufacturing company is willing to work and flexible in adapting your ideas. Those who want bilingual invitations, this type of pocket fold invitation would be the best for them.


  snazzy Pocket fold invitations have become increasingly popular wrap because of their versatility, convenience, and contemporary style. Within the single organized wrap, you can keep a reception card, wedding card, directions card, response items, invitation card, and so on. There are people who love preparing pocket fold invitation on their own, so for such people, given below are steps to design pocket fold invitation by your own as well as in your own way.  

    • Select the pocket fold regarding texture, colour, finish, material, and size.


  • Select the invitation card so as to determine the measurement of folds, and wrap.



  • Select the response envelope and response card. Irrespective of the size of pocket fold invitation, standard sized response cards as well as envelopes are best.



  • Select the outer envelope. There are individuals who prefer proper match for their outer envelope and response envelope.



  • Get your envelopes, response card, invitations, and other cards printed.



  • You can stick your invitation card with glue to the pocket fold invitation. As preferable, insert the card in flat panel of the pocket fold vertically or horizontally.



  • Now fill the angled pockets with other cards like reception cards, additional contents, direction cards, accommodation cards, response envelope, and so on. It’s done! You have designed pocket fold invitation on your own that is organized, stylish, and modern.



  Just as we designed pocket fold invitations for wedding, we can design baby shower invitations as well.  

    • Select the base paper that should be hard. Choose a texture that is something in pink or blue.


  • Select some coordinating paper as well. This paper will be used for designing on the base paper.



  • Now is the time to select a theme that can be related to flowers, cartoons, kitty, ducks or any other cute thing.



  • Suppose you selected Tom and Jerry as the theme. For this you need to design Tom and Jerry on hard paper, colour them accordingly and cut them in proper shape.



  • These shapes should be pasted on the base paper in different ways. If you can display these cartoons in running action then it would be great.



  • Next you need to prepare envelope or pocket fold invitation for placing these cards in addition to other cards that you want like direction card, venue entry permission card, and so on.



  • For preparing pocket fold party invitation card, you require a hard paper but it should be soft enough to get folded into at least 2 folds.



  • Place your baby shower card on the centre of pocket fold invitation. You can also design pocket in the centre for placing all the cards.



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